Adopt A Snow Leopard

Adopt a Snow Leopard

Just £3.00 per month will go towards helping WWF to protect snow leopards in the wild and in return WWF will send you a wonderful snow leopard adoption pack containing snow leopard cards, a fluffy snow leopard toy, booklets and regular newsletters.

Adopt: The Kangchenjunga snow leopards

Species: Snow leopard

About the Kangchenjunga snow leopards: Snow leopards are elusive big cats that live among the steep mountainous areas of Central Asia. They are happy at high altitudes such as 3,000 to 4,500 metres although the snow leopards at Kangchenjunga in the Himalayas have been observed as high as 5,500 metres. In the Kangchenjunga Conservation Area it is believed that there are only 10 snow leopards left. However, the evidence of tiny snow leopard paw prints suggests that there is at least one breeding pair in the Himalayas.


Last minute gift?

WWF adoption packs are typically dispatched within 2-3 working days, but you should allow up to 10 days for delivery.

If you are worried that the adoption pack may not arrive in time if it is intended as a gift, you will be able to print or email a gift certificate as soon as you have completed your adoption.


Adopt a Snow Leopard from just £3.00 per month!